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Moors and Christians Fiesta Moraira - 8-17 June 2018


Moors and Christians Moraira is a spectacular fiesta in Moraira with parades and concerts from 8-17 June. The main procession takes place on 16 June, with firework displays on 15 / 16 June 2018.


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Event date & time

8-17 June 2018



Event date & time

8-17 June 2018

Moors and Christians Fiesta 2017 - 8-17 June 2018

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Moors & Christians Fiesta in Moraira-Teulada 2018: June 2018

When you say "Moors & Christians in Moraira" you say: Spectacular night-time landing on the beach of l'Ampolla, Flower offering, Firing of Guns and a magnificent & final Sunday Gala Procession.

Program of Fiesta 2017 (as a guide) - 2018 program to be confirmed

Friday 2nd of June 2017

19:30h - Opening of Medieval Andalusí Market
22:00h - Parade of the Fiesta Herald round the town streets
              accompanied by the Drummer Band "Mediterrànea of Moraira"
22:30h - Opening Fiesta Speech in Espai La Senieta by Guillermo Juan Vidal Juan Llobell Vidal
              followed by the prize giving of the Art Competition
              and a concert of the La Senieta Choir of Moraira

Saturday 3rd of June 2017
12:00h - Gathering of all Moors and Christians in the Urban Forest to prepare for their
             ‘Fraternal Meal'
18:00h - Moors and Christians Concert by the Children's Choir CantAlfare of Alfar del Patriarca
              and the string Orchestra of the superio Conservatory Mestre Berenguer of Teulada
              in Espai La Senieta
21:30h - Concentration of all the ‘filás' in El Fortí followed by a Parade accompanied by the ‘Musical
             Association Colla el Falço of Teulada'
22:00h - Presentation of the Standards of each group at the Castle Promenade then dance the
             night away to the Zeppelin Band.

Sunday 4th of June 2017
18:00h - Grand International Music Festival, live on Stage at the Castle.
             Jazz, Folk, Rock and Country.

Monday 5th of June 2017
21:00h - Concert by the English Choir in the Church of Moraira.

Wednesday 7th of June 2017

22:30h - Concert by
Colla el Falço of Teulada at Plaza de la Iglesia

Thursday 8th of June 2017
21:30h - Fellowship Dinner and Karaoke competitions in Square Virgen del Carmen

Friday 9th of June 2017
13:00h - Informal parade of the filás accompagnied by the Band of Jalón
13:30h - Firing of the Blunderbusses at the Castle
19:30h - Procession and Offering of the Flowers in honour of the Sacred Christ of Moraira
23:00h - The spectacular arrival of the Moors on the beach " L'Ampolla " and the battle commences
             to conquer the Castle.
             Followed by Music in Avda. del Portet with the band DIAMONDS

Saturday 10th of June 2017
09:00h - General Reveille with the firing of Blunderbusses.
12:00h - Informal parade of the filas

12:30h - Firing of Blunderbusses at the castle
13:00h - Mass in the honor of Our Sacred Christ at the Church in Moraira
19:30h - Battle on the Beach and the Christians retake the Castle....
24:00h - Informal parade of Festeros and the Public all round the village - Everyone welcome to join
             in!! and continuing with Cabila night and music at Avda. del Portet with the band WONDER

Moors and Christians Fiesta 2017 - 2nd-11th June 2017
Sunday 11th of June 2017
09:00h - General wake-up with the firing of Blunderbusses.
12:00h - Informal parade of the filás followed by the Firing of Blunderbusses at the Castle.
18:00h - Parade of the bands from the Castillo to El Fortí
19:00h - Spectacular Gala Parade of all participating Moors and Christians.
Filà Muladies | Filà Conquistadoras | Filà Almogàvers | Filà Huestes del Cid |
                Filà Caballeros del Rey D. Jaime (Capitanía Cristiana 2017)

Filà Al-Madhrabba | Filà Almorach | Filà Califas | Filà Almoraima | Filà Marsa Mudhayra |
           Filà Bashira (Capitanía Mora 2017)

Followed by a grand firework display.
End of the Fiestas

Notice: The Central Committee of Moors and Christians reserve the right to modify or cancel all or part of this programme.

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