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Solar Power Systems Calpe are experts in a range of solar energy solutions including solar panels, solar electricity and pool heating on the Costa Blanca. Based in Calpe, Spain since 1994, the company has over 25 year's experience in the supply and installation solar panels and renewable energy solutions in Calpe, Moraira, Javea, Altea, Denia & Benissa. Other services include heat pumps, air conditioning & drinking water treatments.


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Solar Power Systems is a solar power business that has been established in Calpe since 1994, and was the pioneer of Solar Electricity Production systems on the Costa Blanca.

They are local experts in a range of Energy Solutions for the home including:
- Solar electricity prodution for the home

- Solar Hot Water Systems
- Home Heating & Cooling - Heat pumps, underfloor heating & air conditioning
- Pool heating with Solar Power or Heat Pump
- Pool & Drinking Water Treatments
- Astral Pool Variable energy efficient pool  pump.

Solar Power Systems


The Business

Solar Power Systems has been established since 1994 in Calpe, at the Centro Comercial Biblos on the Calpe-Moraira Coast Road (by the Bed Centre). The company aims to offer its customers the best quality products for the best value for money. To achieve this, they constantly research the market to find the products that best meet the needs of their customers.

All products offered by Solar Power Systems are sold from top quality brand names that provide a guarantee for post-sales service & support.

Solar Power Systems



Solar PV Panels / Electricity Production

Solar Power Systems can offer solutions for independent solar electricity production. Using solar panels, electricity production works by capturing the sun’s energy to turn it into electricity for your home or business.

The systems can easily be integrated into any home or business, and are silent, produce no emissions, have no moving parts and require no fuel other than sunlight. They are relatively easy to transport and install, and have very low maintenance requirements. With a grid connected solar electric system, it is not necessary to depend just on solar power. If the power generated by the solar panels are not enough to cover all you needs, you can obtain the rest from the electric utility.

There are several types of solar panel systems including Grid-tied solar panel systems (connected to the main power grid), Off-grid solar panel systems (not connected to the main power grid and with batteries), Hybrid solar panel systems (connected to the power grid and with batteries), Solar panels with Micro-inverter (connected the the power grid but one-way, 0-injection unit).

Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

Domestic Hot Water

The production of Domestic hot water is a major expense on the utility bill of any home or business. Solar domestic hot water can be a great energy saver, with the Costa Blanca being an ideal location for providing free energy all year round. You can reduce these expenses up to 70% by using solar water heating systems.

Solar Water Heating Systems use solar panels fitted to your roof, or close to your home, which use heat from the sun to warm water. Most homes are suitable for installing a solar power hot water system - Solar Power Systems can visit your home for a no-obligation quote.


Solar Pool Heating

We all enjoy swimming in our pools. However, many months during the year you won’t be able to. If you want to swim more than just a couple of months in summer, you can realize this by pool heating systems from Solar Power Systems.

When you want to extend the swimming season, the best system would be solar pool heating. This can be done by polypropylene mats or glass collectors. When you want to have a warm pool all year, or whenever you want to swim, we advise a pool heat pump.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

A pool heat pump is the most efficient pool heating system. A heat pump can easily heat up your swimming pool in order to swim all year. The big advantage of heat pumps lies in the fact that they produce more energy than they consume. This means that for every kWh paid to the electric utility, three to five kWh of thermal energy are obtained to heat up the pool.

Heat pumps can also be turned on and off whenever you want to and are much more efficient than oil and gas systems.

Solar Power SystemsSolar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the clean, economic and efficient future for domestic heating. 

Heat pump technology is the future for domestic heat production. It is clean, functional, efficient and over the next years, its economic advantage over traditional fuel systems will only increase. The reason heat pump systems are so advantageous is that they produce more energy than they consume. This means that for every kWh you pay to the electrical utility, you get three to five kWh of thermal energy for your home.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is for good reasons the most common heating and cooling method in Spain. They are inexpensive, they do not require complicated installations, they are efficient and can produce both, heat and cold while improving the air quality.


Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

Swimming Pool Solutions

Swimming pool solutions from Solar Power Systems include:

- Automatic pool cleaning robots that clean your pool completely automatic while you sit back and relax.

- Salt Electrolysis - a fully automated pool water treatment system for disinfection, algae destruction and purification, requires no control of the chlorine and pH.

- Solar Pool Pumps - using a few solar panels and a controller, the DC pool pump will have enough electricity to run all day using free, clean electricity from the sun.


- Energy Saving Pool filter Pumps - the Viron range are designed to save energy and be more quite. The viron range is the perfect choice for people who want lower electricity bills and who want to redure their environmental footprint. 

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