Rodolfo - Restaurante Italiano


Rodolfo Ristorante Italiano is a gourmet Italian restaurant located in Moraira. The restaurant is run by professional Italian chef Rodolfo.


Carretera Moraira-Calpe, Km 1
Rada De Moraira, Valenciana, Spain

Opening hours
  • Italian
Venue type
  • Restaurants
Language(s) spoken
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian

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Rodolfo - Restaurante Italiano
Rodolfo Ristorante Italiano is a Gourmet Italian restaurant located in Moraira, Costa Blanca.
The restaurant is run by professional Italian chef Rodolfo, and offers a high standard of authentic Italian Cuisine, including fresh pasta, homemade pizzas and wonderful meat & fish dishes.

The Restaurant is now serving Fresh Lobsters and Oysters kept alive in their very own fish tank.

The People
Rodolfo, the owner and chef at this special Italian restaurant, shows a passion for authentic Italian food. As a member of the Italian Association of Professional Chefs(FIC), he demonstrates a high level of gastronomic excellence in Italian cuisine.

RODOLFO is an attractive restaurant with Italian cuisine. The fresh preparation of the desired dishes requires time—we ask for your understanding. We completely abstain from using glutamate (flavour enhancer), artificial sauces and spice mixtures. The selection of our products—especially our grilled meat—takes place according to the highest quality standards.   Rodolfo ‘the Italian restaurant‘ in Moraira offers you with various types of Italian dishes, meat from 800° Grill and fresh lobsters and oysters from the fish tank. 
Rodolfo - Restaurante Italiano

The Restaurant
Rodolfo "Il Ristorante Italiano" is an elegant restaurant, with the perfect ambience for a special dining experience.  The restaurant is beautifully designed with comfortable chairs, crisp white tablecloths and large tables.  The restaurant is easy to find, just outside of Moraira on the Moraira-Calpe Coast Road. There is free parking in the large car park behind the restaurant. 
Rodolfo - Restaurante Italiano  

The Menu

All customers are welcomed at Rodolfo's with a complementary aperitif (Sweet or Dry Sherry).
The menu has a extensive range of dishes, from classic pasta dishes, to unique dishes which have been specially developed by Rodolfo. 
Rodolfo only uses the best quality of ingredients for all his dishes, and his home-made pasta is produced on a daily basis.

Starter Selection includes:

- Cold Starters (Bruschetta, Insalata Rodolfo, Bresaola Carpaccio)

- Starters with Fish (Smoked Salmon, Porto Fino, Fresh Swordfish Carpaccio)

- Special starters of the House (Chicken Breast stuffed with Parma Ham)

- Warm Starters (Pizza Fritta, Minestrone Italiano, Focaccia Italiana)

Rodolfo - Restaurante Italiano

Main Course Selection includes:

- Italian Risotto (4 Formaggi, Funghi, Verdure, Asparago, Pesce)

- Speciality Main Courses (Fettini di Vello, Saltimbocca alla Romana, Milanese Ossobuco)

- Special Pasta Dishes (Carbonara Romana, Spaghetti Gorgonzola, Tagliatelli Garda)

- Fish Pasta Dishes (Salmone, Spaghetti e Gambas, Spaghetti alle Vongole)

- The Pasta Menu (7 pasta varieties with a choice of 14 different sauces). The pasta sauces are prepared by Rodolfo to order. Classic pasta dishes are available, including Cannelloni, Lasagne & Gnocci

High Quality Steaks at Rodolfo's
Rodolfo's 800° Grill Special infra-red grill that heats up quickly to 800 degrees. The pores  in the meat close immediately.  The steak is crispy on the outside and  wonderfully tender and juicy inside.  The fat in the meat caramelises  slightly and adds a special note to  the taste experience. BLACK ANGUS Beef from America  New York Striplon  and Rip-Eye Bonless,  IRISH ANGUS Beef from Ireland is used for tenderloin and fillet steaks.  Dry aged for 2-3 weeks We dry age the meat for 2-3 weeks before  serving. Dry ageing reduces the moisture  content of the meat and concentrates its  flavour. 
Rodolfo - Restaurante Italiano
Pasta Dishes

All pasta dishes at Rodolfo's are freshly prepared, with homemade egg noodles providing both the best quality and taste to customers.

The pizza dough is home-made, with ingredients for all toppings being of the highest quality.
The toppings are all prepared in the kitchen to order, including the home-made tomato sauce and mozzarella.



Oysters & Lobster

Thanks to the seawater fish tank in the restaurant, Rodolfo can offer you with fresh Canadian lobsters and French oysters daily.

The lobsters can be cooked, baked in oven or be enjoyed in Italian style with fresh pasta.

You can eat the oysters in raw form or bake them - look forward to a few surprises.

The quality of the products prepared in kitchen is the highest priority.

Only then is the success of the dish guaranteed!

Rodolfo - Restaurante Italiano


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