Fiestas in Moraira: "San Jaime" in Benimarco (July 2023)

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This Moraira Fiesta is held in Benimarco during July and involves food, drink, live music, holy mass, fireworks, bull running and other activities. Find a guide to full programme for the Benimarco "San Jaime" Fiesta from a prior fiesta here.


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Event date & time

July 2023



Event date & time

July 2023

Event type
  • Local fiestas
Fiestas in Moraira: "San Jaime" in Benimarco (July 2023)

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"San Jaime" in Benimarco

This Moraira Fiesta takes place in Benimarco and usually involves food, drink, live music, holy mass, fireworks, and other activities. The 2023 programme will be published once available. For guidance, please refer to the prior programme provided below.

Programme (from prior year)

Tuesday 23rd July
19:30 Traditional "Pelota Valenciana" ball game.
22:30 "Sobaquillo" (popular dinner - picnic) in La Plaza de la Ermita with live music from LA FIESTA

Wednesday 24th July
10:00 Traditional
“Plantà” (planting) of the pine tree.
12:00 "Entrá de la murta", Parade announcing the festivities with dulzaina and tabalet (bells).
20:00 Parade with dulzaina and tabalet. Next, offering of garden flowers to the patron Sant Jaume.
23:30 Performance by the "LA TRAMPA" quartet.

Thursday 25th July: Day of San Juame
11:00 High Mass, procession of the Patron Saint around La Ermita. After the procession, GOJOS (traditional religious songs in honour of San Jaime).
13:30 Traditional popular races.
18:30 "Cabalgata de Disfraces" (humourous street parade).
19:30 “Brisca” (Card) Championship.
20:30 Performance of traditional dance by the dance group, 'Font Santa de Teulada' (sponsored by the City Council of Teulada).
23:25 Great fireworks
23:30 Performance by 'AVALANXA'.

Fiestas in Moraira: 'San Jaime' in Benimarco (July 2019)

Friday 26th July
12:00 Mobile Disco & paella contest
13:00 Paella contest.
19:00 Holy Mass in honour of the deceased.
23:00 Performance by the quartet, 'COSTA ESTE'.

Bull Running Programme (as a guide - from a prior year)

Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th, Monday 29th July
19:00 "Suelta de Vaquillas" (bull running).

Fiestas in Moraira: "San Jaime" in Benimarco (July 2023)
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