Fiestas in Moraira: "Festa Moscatel" (August 2023)


This Moraira fiesta is hosted every year in Teulada and includes the Wine Harvest Parade and Folk dancing.


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Event date & time

August 2023



Event date & time

August 2023

Event type
  • Dancing
  • Local fiestas
Fiestas in Moraira: "Festa Moscatel" (August 2023)

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Festa del Mostcatel

This 2023 Moraira Fiesta, Festa del Moscatel, is a special celebration for the farmers, at the completion of their harvest and the collection of the Moscatel grape which is sent to markets nationwide. The fiesta has been celebrated for more than 30 years. The Festa del Moscatel is a nighttime fiesta, involving the tasting of the Moscatel. There will be various different activities centred around wine and gastronomy.

All programmed events are free, open to the public, and include events such as dances, tastings, competitions, photographic exhibitions, and screenings of short films.

Details of the 2023 fiesta will be published once available. For guidance, please refer to a previous programme provided below.

Prior programme (as a guide)

31 August
11:00   Experiences with Muscatell (transport by carriages from the Cooperative Sant Vicent Ferrer towards the "Riurau of Bancal Roig", where all activities will take place). The activities will include: cutting grapes, scaling, performance by the Folk Dances Group, "Font Santa", and tasting of vermouth from Teulada (Centre Ecomuseografic Riarau, Ctra Teulada, Benimarco, 7).
19:00   Parade of Muscatel with Colla el Falco. From Avinguda Santa Caterina to the Square "Glorieta de la Ermita de Sant Vicent".
19:30   Performance of the Folk Dances Group, "Font Santa". Treading grapes. Bouncy castle. Muscatel grapes competition. Presentation and tasting of the cocktail of Moscatell "Moscafell" by David Bono from "Mesquebarmans". Popular dinner. Open-air dance with the orchestra, "La Frontera".

Fiestas in Moraira: "Festa Moscatel" (August 2023)