MLS 03724 is an association of 15 Estate Agents in Moraira & Teulada that are committed to offering the best service both in quality and honesty in their professional field. MLS 03724 stands for "Multiple Listing Service" and is the first (non-profit) Real Estate Association or Multiple Listing Service in the area. MLS 03724 aims to offer clients the best and latest real estate marketing tools and professional services available.


Carretera Moraira a Calpe 27
03724 Moraira - Teulada (Alicante)


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MLS 03724

The Power of Collaborations: The Benefits of Exclusivity

The goal of MLS is to achieve collaborations with more transparency, with more fellowship /or camaraderie and more ethics. And of course, the ultimate goal is to achieve self-regulation at a municipal and regional level, without which the Estate Agency business will never have the respect and recognition it deserves.

In short, the Association Immobilia Teulada-Moraira (MLS:03724) represents receiving the best possible service when selling or buying a property. In addition, with the implementation of the MLS system, they want to be pioneers in Moraira-Teulada to offer their clients (sellers) the best and latest real estate marketing tools and professional services that they have at hand. MLS:03724 believe that only through their joint knowledge can they assure the seller a quick and trouble-free sale.

Better for Sellers

By choosing one of their members, you are choosing all of the other members too. With this ‘shared exclusive’ listing, when you contact on professional and trusted agent, you open the doors to all of their many professional agents.

The big advantage for sellers is that they only deal with one contact person, and this person deals with everything. From valuation, acquisition, basic legal control, information about the sale process, and completing the sale at Notary. Sellers are choosing a professional agent they can trust with a large network of other professionals supporting them.

In addition, the exclusive sale is a mutual benefit: the agent has the possibility to fully commit while the seller benefits from everything that entails.

MLS 03724

Better for Buyers


From any partner office, you will be able to access a large portfolio of properties exclusively in a very fast and easy way, with the guarantee that all those properties will be well marketed and with a consistent market price.


When everyone works under the same conditions, there will be no surprises. Whichever agent you choose, you to work with, the requirements and way to formalize the purchase, will be the same.


All properties selected within the MLS must be up to date with all of the necessary documentation for them to be sold. This avoids surprises that could have been foreseen, and allows for a smooth, effective sale.

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MLS 03724

Better for Agencies

The goal of MLS: 03724 is to increase the number of members, with related agencies that share their values.
Joining the MLS will improve your business by:
- Shared portfolio of exclusive properties.
- Shared code of conduct and good practices.
- Shared knowledge of the local market.
- Have access to common databases.
- Have access to continuous training.

All this and much more will make your reputation better and increase your sales collaborating in a way which is transparent and fair.

Registered Office

Carretera Moraira a Calpe 27
03724 Moraira - Teulada (Alicante)

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