Association of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Teulada Moraira.


Town Hall
C/Constanza Ferrer, 2-2ยบ

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AECO Teulada Moraira

Who are the AECO

AECO Teulada Moraira has been working 21 years by common interests. Without doubt, a long journey in which all efforts have been made. Some members have been part of the association from the beginning and others have been incorporated over time as AECO has grown and found its calling: supporting entrepreneurship.

The purpose of AECO is simple yet strong: to defend the interests of small and medium entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. The idea was born in Moraira and the need soon arose in Teulada, so that after several meetings it became clear that the best possibility was to unite efforts. AECO was born.

Today there are more than 180 joined partners to improve the commercial structures, offer more competitive and comprehensive advertising campaigns and joint commercial animation, contact the local media ... In short, a whole series of activities that help AECO to improve the business management of their services within the municipality. AECO is trade, industry, catering, construction, real estate. AECO are businessmen and traders.



More information

Since December 2004, a pioneer in the municipality, AECO is organizing a fair, The Trade Fair, which has gained wide acceptance among the public and traders themselves. Other events organised by the AECO are the Outlet Feria, the gastronomic and commercial weekend and the Slalom Teulada Moraira.

AECO is associated in turn with FACPYME and COVAC, who guarantee a great source of legal, tax and labor information every month and is available to all AECO partners through FACPYME advisors.

AECO can be found at their headquarters in the Town Hall, in Carrer Constance Ferrer, 2, 2 ° in Teulada.
Contact via 670 545 739, or leave a message on the website.
On their website, you will find a guide to all members, a list of forthcoming events, news and more (in spanish).