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Fiestas in Moraira: "Divina Pastora" (September 2019)

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This Moraira Fiesta is in honour of the "Divina Pastora" (the Divine Shepherdess), and is held in Teulada, Spain. The fiesta involves the annual meeting of singers that sing traditional Spanish songs in many modalities and styles.


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Event date & time

September 2019


Ermita de la Divina Pastora

Event date & time

September 2019

Event type
  • Local fiestas

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Divina Pastora 2019

The Fiesta de la Divina Pastora involves the annual meeting of singers that sing traditional Spanish songs in a variety of modalities and styles. The fiesta takes place in the Square Iglesia, Square España and Historical Centre in Teulada.

Information regarding the 2019 Fiesta is not yet available. For guidance, please refer to the information about the 2018 Fiesta provided below.


2018 Schedule:

Friday 21st September
20:30   Fetching and carrying of the “festivity poplar tree” and “murta” parade. Bells pealing.
21:30   Guerilla Picnic dinner - everyone brings their own food & drink. Beer, peanuts & Mistela are provided.
22:30   Workshop traditional dances.

Saturday 23rd September
16:30   “Pilota Valenciana”match, a traditional ball game.
19:45   Opening of the chapel and Angelus prayer.
21:30   Picnic dinner. Bar service will be available.
23:00  Cantada a la Fresca. Open-air traditional songs and music.

Sunday 24th September
11:00   Traditional games (“Cucanyes” and races).
13:00   Vermouth parade.
18:30   "Pa Beneït" (blessed bread) parade.
19:00   Holy Mass.
19:35   Traditional dances. Pa Beneit and “Mistela” (sweet wine) for everybody, followed by a firecrackers display.

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